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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Give Me the Country Life

 SONG - Intro to All Creatures Great & Small

Day 28 - May 27

Jump on in and take a ride with us to the Yorkshire Dales!

About a one and a half hour drive from York is the incredible Yorkshire Dales.  Neither of us had ever been there before but we had heard it was well worth seeing. Our first stop was Grassington. Unfortunately the parking lot looked like Disneyland filling field after field with cars and tour buses.  I had no idea that so many people enjoyed All Creatures Great & Small which (in case you haven’t seen it) is a TV series about a veterinarian from Glasgow that begins his practice in the Dales and falls in love with the countryside, the people and a local farm woman. I just couldn’t go there knowing it was going to be overly crowded so we went up to the next village on my list, Arncliff which was small and lovely. 

We had lunch at The Falcon Inn which was a cozy pub with friendly service. 

We drove back down to Grassington and I was hopeful that people would be leaving since it was a Monday on a Bank Holiday. Nope. Possibly more full now than earlier but by this time I was ready to brave the crowds. 

We walked from the car park into the lovely town of Grassington where they film parts of All creatures Great & Small.  

In the photo above, the building with the blue sign is a book store but is turned into a grocery store for the TV show and the plain building on the far right is the Veterinary Clinic & their lodgings. 

Most storefronts have photos of what their shop looks like on the show. It was fun to wander around and enjoy the sunny day. Mr. B bought me a glass of wine at The Devonshire Inn which is the local pub on the show. 

We sat at an outdoor table and watched the villagers trying to get on with their daily life when thousands of people arrive at their doorsteps daily. 

Mr. B kindly stood in line to purchase us ice cream cones for our walk back to the car park. 

I would go back to the Dales in a heartbeat because the scenery, stone buildings & walls, sheep and open skies were just incredible. Photos just don’t do it justice.  

Mr. B had made us reservations in town at Nola’s which is a Jazz bar & New Orleans style restaurant. No live Jazz tonight but the food & atmosphere were great. 

On our walk home, the sun was setting and it was a beautiful sunset on the River Ouse. In fact it was such a still evening we decided to walk for a bit on the Roman/Viking Walls surrounding the city. 

I was so proud of Mr. B driving on those tight little country roads in the Dales. 

Thanks for a great day!

Fire & Rain

SONG - Fire & Rain by James Taylor

 Day 27 - May 26

Good Morning!

We discovered a great, casual breakfast place this morning just across the bridge from our hotel - “Brews & Brownies” perfect for coffee & pastries or breakfast sandwiches.  

Once we were energized, we walked around York and admired the Roman/Viking walls, Minster Cathedral and then headed towards “The Shambles”.  

The Shambles is a historic street in York with cobblestones, medieval buildings (some going back to the 1400’s), timber framing and overhanging shops. 

We even ran into a fire tosser…..

An absolute zoo  but a fun, fascinating place. After getting totally turned around, we found the Cathedral and stood in line for tickets. After about 10 minutes we decided to come back on Tuesday as it would be open all day instead of the 2 hours it’s opened on Sundays. 

A sweet nibble, cold drink & a rest for our legs we were invigorated to walking back to the hotel to relax.  Checking out restaurants for dinner tonight with the concierge who suggested we try Guy Falks pub just a few blocks up from our hotel. It was fully booked for tonight but they always leave a few openings for walk-ins. Well we got in but not in the pub proper. We were outside with heat lamps & an overhead covering. But it was Sunday Roast day!  I had delicious roast chicken with Yorkshire pudding and Mr. B enjoyed a Steak pie with mash.  We walked home in the company of many others outside enjoying the night air. 

Just wait until you see where we go tomorrow!

Monday, May 27, 2024

The Grand Old Duke of York

 SONG - English Folk Music

(Like I said yesterday - sometimes I can link it with the title and sometimes it just doesn’t cooperate)

Day 26 - Sat. May 25

We got on the road fairly early Saturday morning driving South towards York along the coastal route.  

A castle on an island through my car window while Mr. B was whizzing us by……

We drove into Berick-upon-tweed along the North Sea and drove through this little hole in the wall…..

And found a nice place to eat breakfast/lunch and to sit outside in the sunshine and feel the salt air. Quiches & salad. Perfect. 

Our next stop was the Home of Hardy Fishing Museum in Alnwick. Guess whose pick that was?  Nope, we had to pass it by as we were both ready to get to our hotel in York. 

Pulled up around 5 and a doorman met us in full dress - plus check out those top hat topiaries!

Did I mention that the English love to put cucumber in their Gin & Tonics?  

It was interesting to do some people watching in the hotels bar “1906”….my lips are sealed….

Our room here looks out over the city walls built by the Romans & Vikings!

Hello York!

Sunday, May 26, 2024

Old Town

SONG -  I Can’t Stand the Rain by Tina Turner

(So sorry - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but if you click the link above it will take you to Tina Turner singing “I Can’t Stand the Rain”

Day 25 - May 24

Another rainy day in paradise. What a surprise. So many Scottish people we have spoken with say they can’t wait for the cold, rainy weather. They are uncomfortable with warmer weather.  And that must be why they live in Scotland!

 I didn’t feel well at all this morning but Mr. B gave me a “Get-out-of-Jail-Free” card so I took some meds & went back to sleep and woke at 1 pm feeling better and up for going into Edinburgh proper. After an hour of trying to figure out a garage near city central where we could drive & then take a taxi into Old Town was proving difficult. I was trying to talk Mr. B into taking a break from driving and take a cab into town but no way. Mr. B was sure it would all work out (he’s like that)! On our way to our car, I stopped at the front desk to ask if there was a safe, clean place to park and the cute young girl suggested a taxi or a bus into town to which Mr. B said it would be perfect. Go figure!

Delightful ride into town and we were dropped off at St. Giles Cathedral. Pouring rain, so many people & so very many umbrellas but we jumped out of the cab and ran into St. Giles (after taking my heart photo! See above)

Amazing cathedral made even more incredible by luring me in with Vivaldi music being played inside.  

They are having a concert tonight and the ensemble that is playing was practicing to the delightful of all. 

I got to go into the Thistle Chapel which was on my list and found the angel playing bagpipes because everyone should be welcomed to heaven with bagpipes!

We started looking for a place to eat and after walking a bit settled on Deacon Brodie’s Tavern right on the Royal Mile. 

It was warm, welcoming and full of happy people. We ordered Steak & Ale pies for lunch/dinner. There was a couple next to us from Minnesota who we talked to for a while. I had never had a meat pie before (other than a chicken pot pie) and this exceeded my expectations. It was amazing!

After lunch, we went “waistcoat” shopping for Mr. B.  Originally I had him talked into a kilt but we finally settled on a vest.  He found a right, proper one too!

Goodbye Scotland for now…..

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