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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Home Sweet Home

Song - Home by Jack Johnson


A friend recently wrote to me saying that I left you all hanging back in Paris!  And that would be almost two months ago!  Yikes - sorry about that. But I have truly had my arms full......


 Our new grandson Charlie arrived on May 20th to the delight of all! And...


Just a few days later Mr. B flew to Colorado to pick up our new Westie puppy - Maggie!





So I am now painting in a "puppy safe" zone!!!

The deer recently discovered how to get into our backyard and destroyed my newly planted veggie garden as well as most of my rose bushes. We put in some extra fencing around our property and I moved some of my veggie garden into our old chicken coop area. That area has been a garden dumping place for years now and it's so nice to have it all cleaned out......



...well, I still have a few pots to clean before putting them back in place.


Hope to see you again soon!  I've missed you all.....J


 Life takes you unexpected places, love brings you home.”





Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Back to Paris


Sunday we returned to Paris after deciding to skip our two day stay in Rouen. Mr. B had been sick and was still recovering so drove on a few country roads because we love seeing the little villages but by Orleans it was the freeway all of the way. 

Monday we went back to the Musee Jacquemart Andre to see the paintings from Finland. Then we headed over to the Palis Garnier but decided to take a break and eat lunch at the Cafe de la Paxi across the street. Had a great waiter from County Cork. 

Dinner was at a little restaurant on Ille de Saint Louis and we walked back past Notre Dame and viewed the construction going on there. 

Tuesday we enjoyed Market Day on rue Raspil in the 6th and guess what?  

Strawberries are in season and they are delicious !

The Rodin Museum was interesting but too many new pieces that made it hard to enjoy. I did love viewing the few Van Gough paintings!

Lunch was at Cafe Deux Magot so I could take some reference photos of waiters for future paintings. It was lovely sitting in the warm sun, drinking a glass of wine and watching all of the interesting people walk by. 

Mr. B’s French language skills have been so great. He converses with everyone and gets complements from most. Occasionally someone will correct a word and he happily thanks them and puts it into his vocabulary. 

We strolled to Cafe Varenne for dinner that night. It’s a small confortable place with a friendly staff and delicious food. 

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Castles & Princes


We are staying a few days at Château de la Bourdaisière in the Loire Valley. Mr. B has been sick so I have been playing princess at the castle and on my terrace overlooking the gardens. Yesterday I took a long walk through the gardens and into the forest. 

Today I drove to Villandry and enjoyed strolling around the amazing gardens at my own pace. It got a bit crowded after 2 pm as the tour buses rolled in but it is Easter week here so it’s to be expected. 

So you have seen the castle now for the Prince…

There is a real Prince here and our first night here Mr. B tried to make dinner reservations in town through reception. There was a very nice man there who offered to call the restaurant and set it up for us. It was the Prince!  He actually is a hands on kind of guy and is a big part of the gardens around the castle. Tonight I had to change our dinner reservation at the castle to just moi and once again it was the Prince!  He also is known as the Tomato Prince because he has worked very hard at saving heirloom tomatoes in France. I just wish I could bring home some of his seed packets to try at home. 

It looks like we are getting some snow in Tahoe and rain at home!  Way to go California!

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Travels to the Dordogne

 Bon Jour - From our lovely lodgings in the walled city of Avignon we headed west to Estaing.  

While Estaing is a Les Plus Beaux Village in France not much was open yet as it is still early in their season. We stayed about 2 minutes out of town at B & B Manoir de La Fabrègues where we have stayed before. Eric & Laurent we’re happy to see us again and they have done some amazing updates on their property. They upgraded us to a suite they just remodeled which was very comfy. Above is the village of Estaing and below that was our view from our living room across the Lot River. 

On our first day we traveled about 30 minutes north to the village of Languol were they make the great bee knives that are world famous. We found Michael who we have bought knives from in the past & he gave us a tour of his workshop and we had a lovely meal in town.  

The next day was spent going to other Les Beaux Villages and cathedrals  with dribbling gargoyles!

Thursday, April 14, 2022


Sorry for not blogging for awhile but between enjoying so many sights, being Mr. B’s navigator, and packing and re-packing ( yes I brought way too much stuff!) I’ve been slightly preoccupied!

We enjoyed Avignon and took several day trips from there. We spent a day in Gordes (see above) and traveled over to Abbey de Senaque nearby. They had just finished a restoration and cleaning so it was a bit of a shock to see it glistening white!  Yikes what a change!!!

Another day was spent at Saint-Remy-de-Provence where we visited sites and enjoyed some shopping and lunch. 

We enjoyed some excellent restaurants in Avignon thanks to Mr. B’s internet research and suggestions from our inn keeper. 

Our last day there was spent across the Rhône river at a large Brocante and an Abbaye garden & Fort. 

Looking forward to to catching up with our adventures in Sarlat where we are right now!

Au revoir - J

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