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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sip, Don't Gulp

While looking at a blog the other morning, I came across this statement - "Sip, Don't Gulp".  I think the woman who wrote this statement was using it in the context of drinking and eating as it was on a long list of things she wanted to accomplish.  Since I have been playing this message in my brain, it has taken on a more personal meaning.

Sip, don't

 I realize that I tend to "gulp" a lot of things.  When I sip life, it tastes sweeter and I am more present. It can be little things like watering the garden.  I tend to turn the hose on full blast, turn the nozzle onto "Jet-Blast" and blow my little plants away.  It's fast and it gets the job done.  But when I "sip", I turn the nozzle to "sprinkle" and suddenly I feel my body relax.  I enjoy the task at hand.  And I am sure my little green garden is a much happier place.

I turn the heater or air on too high, I want that car in front of me to go a little faster (or a lot faster),  I want the computer to go faster, I rush through dinner, I want the traffic signal to hurry up and turn green,  I want it all and I want it now!  I think part of that is this generation.  No patience.  We are used to fast food, fast service, fast internet, drive thru banking, instant gratification.  Hurry up and move onto the next thing.

But remember what happens when the electricity goes off for a while on a stormy night?  At first you may be indignant and irritated.  As you find the flashlights and light candles and place them around the house, things start to calm down.

The family huddles together in one room, talking and listening to the storm outside.  Maybe playing cards or a board game.  No other noises.  A calmness surrounds.  Suddenly all of the lights come back on, a radio blasts, several TV's fire up and the computer bubbles to life.  Everyone goes back to what they were doing but I know I am not alone in feeling disappointed  that we have lost that "connection".

A gentle reminder...

Sip, don't gulp. 
Intention.  My word for the year.

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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