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Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Calm Before Paris

The church bells just rang 11 pm in the little town of Fountaine de Vaucluse. I'm tired but can't seem to sleep. Recalling our last 3 weeks and all we have seen & experienced.

Maybe a little homesick too but also realizing that we only have one more week before heading home!

I spent the morning sketching in our beautiful courtyard surrounded by 3 streams. One flows under our hotel and the other two flow on either side of me. There are trout in the river to my right and waterfalls on the other two.

Later in the afternoon, Mr. B and I drove to Gordes which is a village built on a cliff overlooking a beautiful valley of vineyards.

We also stopped by the Abbaye de Senanque which I'm sure you have seen on postcards, photos, etc. In the spring & early summer the fields around the Abbaye are filled with lavender flowers.

However they are done flowering for the year which made my time here extra special as there were no crowds or tour busses.
It was built in 1148 and we caught the light just as the sun was setting behind the mountains. The bells rang 7 times and a mass had just begun. Incredible singing from the Monestary.

Returning to our hotel we walked into town and enjoyed a casual pizza & salad. So refreshing after so much Foie Gras, duck & pastries!

Bon nuit......

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