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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Birds to the Left of Me

 Song - Stuck In The Middle with You by Stealers Wheel


And hawks to the I am.....


 On Wednesday morning while Henry & I were having breakfast I noticed a small hawk right outside the door.  It was difficult getting a clear shot of him as there were branches in front of him everywhere I focused.


I believe he is a Cooper's Hawk.  Very small -- only about 10 inches from his head to the base of his tail.  

But he sat so still as I snapped away.  I think he might have been interested in this little Bushtit who was hanging out on the suet feeder.

After about 40 minutes he flew off with out any least none from my backyard!

So now you know who was to the left of me and who was to the right but guess who was above me on my roof?

A marching Canadian Goose!

And his partner. They come every year about this time and call to their friends and lovers to join in the rooftop party!

After they are through waking up the whole neighborhood..... 

off they go to party at some one else's place!

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