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Monday, January 6, 2020

The Face Only a Mother Can Love.....

Song -  "It's Gonna Be OKAY" by the Piano Guys

On Saturday Mr. B and I took a drive over to Point Reyes National Seashore to have a little day trip together.  I was chomping at the bit to get away as I had been sick and then.....well...the holidays kept us pretty busy.

It felt so good to get some fresh air and view some of natures beauty. It was sunny but cold and windy.

Parts of Point Reyes are flooded (which is crazy because California has not had much rain this year) so there are one lane roads peppered around and to get to the lighthouse you will need to take a shuttle out there as everything is closed after South Beach due to roads washing out.

We saw a lot of cattle and then some Tule Elk....

They were right near the road and so majestic. 

I took some photos and then we headed down the road to Drake's Beach where they had caution signs up due to big ol' Elephant Seals taking over the beach!

Only the face mother could love......but he looks happy!

This would be looking up his nose....if you were curious.

That is Mr. B in the background so you could see how big these guys were!  We were told to stay two car lengths back from them and in some places there was a designated path as well as uniformed docents on the beach to make sure questions were answered and no one got too close.

They really did just lay around like big blobs sunning themselves.  Apparently it is both breeding and pupping season at Point Reyes however these big guys didn't look like they were looking around for a all!

But every once in awhile one would move.......and everyone would watch and wonder what they were going to do......

And they would just scratch themselves and go back to napping in the sunshine!

 On the way out of the park we did stop at one more scenic spot...........

 The Cypress Tree Tunnel - which I have never been to before.  It's a lovely little stroll under a canopy of beautiful Cypress trees.

We then headed up the coast to Nick's Cove for an early dinner.  Next to the restaurant they have a pier and a little hut at the end where you can light a fire and enjoy drinks.

They also rent out some cottages along the waters edge and across the highway.

Thank you Mother Nature for the lovely day!

Because the greatest part of a road trip 

isn’t arriving at your destination. 

It’s all the wild stuff that happens along the way.” 

Emma Chase

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