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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Boo and Happy Halloween!!!

Song - Monster Mash by Bobby (Boris) Picket and the Crypt-Kickers

I just discovered that I have been avoiding painting.....again.

I think it's because I am struggling with acrylic's vs. oils.

Acrylics = easy to use & clean up

Oils = Juicy, buttery and great blending

After my last workshop in Santa Fe, I found myself loving oils and now I find myself doing all kinds of antics instead of painting.  Even cleaning the house!

Family Tree work....must be done!

Todderdown, England
** I discovered a GG Uncle that was sent to Australia because he killed 6 people and was hanged. Yipes! Just in time for Halloween!

And I have relatives that lived in Todderdown, England - named because it was built on hills and valleys so you just had to "todderdown" the lanes.

Laundry and housework must be finished!

** I washed the dogs this morning and then sprayed the bathroom with bleach and then promptly forgot to wash it down.  Wow it really smells clean.

The studio needs to be reorganized!

** I have been placing paintings and boxes of equipment in the studio because there isn't any room for it elsewhere but yesterday I spent an hour cleaning it up so I could paint.

Oh yeah...and the Giant's won the World Series.  Last week at this time we were at the First Game of the World Series and I was in doubt that they would make it.  But they did and we had a blast watching them!

Tyler's pumpkin


Most importantly the PUMPKINS must be carved!!

Mr. B Carving his Witch pumpkin
My very scary pumpkin eater!!!

Mr. B's Witch Pumpkin

A grandmother pretends she doesn't know who you are on Halloween.  ~Erma Bombeck
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