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Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'm Back in the Saddle Again

Song - "Back in The Saddle Again"

I am heading to San Luis Obispo to spend a few days with my son Jon to celebrate his upcoming birthday.  He will be 26 on the 28th of February - Yipes!  Just when did he grow up so quickly?

But before I leave, I wanted to ponder how funny people are.....well, I  I want to ponder how funny I am (at times).

I am painting again after spending the last few weeks "crafting".

I found all sorts of important things to make and do.  Origami hearts for book marks, button wreaths that are heart shaped, cards made from stamps, a new greeting card insert, fake Lily of the Valley glued onto wire to hang from the door, a new playlist of songs for Mr. B's new car, etc.

From "A Life Reclaimed"
All of which were kind of fun to create but not very useful or fulfilling. 

After spending some time licking my wounds (a recent tough commission), I began to paint and grow and learn.  Now after being thrown by that horse, I have dusted off my jeans and am back in the saddle again!

I have signed up for a workshop with Peggi Kroll Roberts next month.  She does incredible, fun figurative work.

Peggi Kroll Roberts
Peggi's YouTube Video

Jeanette Le Grue

And I am still heading over to Tomales every Friday morning to paint still life and learn from the very talented Jeanette Le Grue.

But my main support is a little group of painters (Bay Area Studio Artists) that I paint with every Thursday and my mentor Marcy Wheeler who had guided me on a journey of finding my voice though my painting.

Marcy Wheeler Self Portrait
Marcy in Yosemite

I also have two fellow artists who get together at my home most Wednesdays.  We take turns setting up a weekly still life.  Someone brings a bottle of wine and there is always some great chocolate. We visit and paint and laugh.....isn't laughter just wonderful?  Thank you Wanda Kemper and Kistler Osborne for bringing sunshine into my life every week.

Wanda Kemper

Kistler Osborne

Please check out all of these wonderful, talented artists!

YeeHaw.....r o a d   t r i p !

 "Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."  -- Thomas Merton
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