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Sunday, December 16, 2018

The Big Night

Song - Tarantella by Beppe Gambetto, Carlo Aonzo & David Grisman

On Saturday night our family had a cousins reunion......
let me introduce you to the Malacarne Family!

These are my grandparents, Art & Sophie Malacarne.  They had four daughters and each daughter had three children - my cousins.  The cousins spent a lot of time together growing up because the sisters were so close and........we're Italian. So they are more like my siblings than my cousins.  Great memories there!

 This photo was taken at the family cabin in Lake Tahoe with all twelve grandchildren and our Grandma Sophie (on the right) and her mother Grandma Mary (on the left).

Can you tell we had fun together?

 For many years Art & Sophie would host a Christmas get together on Christmas Day but the families grew too large once we started marrying and having children of our own.  But we still have that Malacarne bond. So every 5-10 years someone would host a reunion, usually in the summer months.
Last year the "boys" decided to host a Christmas party at a local restaurant. 

It was great to get together but the sitting arrangements were to tight to get up and go visit anyone else other than the people sitting next to you.

So Saturday night it was the cousins turn to host and invite the two remaining daughters - my Aunt and Mom at a new place that turned out to be perfect!

Being the family historian, I was in charge of the slide show and music for the event. Six hundred and sixy-four photos later.........they are still talking to me!

We have aged just a smidgen since the photo above in Lake Tahoe.

 But we still enjoy each others company and getting caught up on family events.  Even the "out-laws" have fun. (They are the SO's who are honorary cousins)

A great night and thanks to those "boy" cousins who know how to throw a proper shindig!!!

 Love each and everyone of you!

"The bond that links your true family 
is not one of blood, 
but of respect and joy in each others life."

-- Richard Bach
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