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"Figuring out our gifts in life is part of our journey to becoming enlightened human beings.” – Allison DuBois

Friday, September 30, 2016


I have to tell you first and most importantly - we just had a wedding!!! 
Do you remember the children's rhyme about the old lady who swallowed a fly? That keeps going through my mind lately as I have been unusually busy for the last few months. So like the old lady who continues to swallow larger & larger animals to catch the fly, I have been embracing one event after another, after another!

In July we had a family trip to Montana....where I proceeded to get a bronchial/sinus infection for several months! Never went to the doctors as I have this little stubborn side of me that Mr. B knows ahhh so well....
 I also had a solo art show at Chow restaurant in Danville.

And a large solo show in Benicia during the month of August that took me months to prepare for. I then needed to plan for a reception and the show needed to come down after Labor Day and be stored somewhere.

"My Little Helper"

Also during the month of August we cleaned out our garage and remodeled/redecorated our downstairs bedroom & family room! 

 This meant picking out paint, molding, carpeting, light fixtures & furniture. And we also  helped to move our middle son from LA to Monterey!

Concrete color choices that don't match - let's see - do I really want a PINK patio....NO?
Garland making on the new patio

We had a new patio poured around our pool and a lot of yard work was done all in preparation for our eldest sons wedding in our backyard! (Insert a big smile here!) 

Lighting was strung up all over the yard.....above is the father of the bride working with two of our sons on the hanging of lights.

...and it turned our yard into lovely magic in the evenings.
I took endless trips to the nursery to purchase more and more plants - just because I did know what else to do with all of my excitement!
Boutonnieres were done with backyard flowers & succulents.
Two of the brides best friends came over the day before the wedding and we all worked on making the flowers for the wedding.  I just loved, loved, loved having women in my house!!!  (Just to remind you - I came from a family of 2 brothers and had 3 sons - that's a lot a guy energy!) 

The wedding took place on the evening of September 17th and it was simply beautiful. The lighting, food, ceremony, dancing, friends & family were all were the bride & groom!

Several days after the wedding, Mr. B and I headed up to Tahoe for a much needed time to relax.

We have had bears, Yellow-jackets and loggers around our cabin.

Not as peaceful as we were hoping for....but we are grateful for it all.

Tis not in seeking 
Tis not in endless searching
They quest is found
Be still and listen
Be still and drink the quiet all around
--Engraved on the back of Edward Rowland Sill's chair at The Greek Theater in Berkeley
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