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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

An Evening in Los Angeles

Song - Hallelujah by K.D. Lang

I have so much to share with you.....

Over the weekend, I flew (all my myself) to Los Angeles!  Now for those of you who know me, I am not a confident flyer.  I have to sit myself down and give myself a good talking to, in order to be able to step on a plane. 

So this weekend, I was visiting a good friend and going with her to an evening event at UCLA.

Gwen and myself at Royce Hall

But before we get to that, we had some time to play so we went to the Getty Museum and gardens. It was amazing.  I never even knew that they had a garden!

You walk down a wooden & stone walkway that zig-zags you over a stream and waterfalls. But because of the drought, it wasn't at its full roar!  The stream ends up pouring into this floating azalea maze.

They had metal trees with Bougainvillea growing inside in a variety of colors.

There were a lot of semi-tropical plants which I didn't know the names of because we can't grow them in Northern California. I especially liked this one below.

It was quite warm and the kids were playing in the stone studded stream.

Then we only had a wee bit of time to go inside........but just look what we found!

Van Gogh




By the time we got back to Gwen's car, it was just a few blocks to get to our event.

I have never been on the UCLA campus before. 

The event consisted of a Spiritual discussion with Pema Chodron and K.D. Lang.  Leading the discussion was the founder & CEO of Sounds True, Tami Simon.  You can read more about the evening here. 

Tami & Pema

K.D. Lang helping Pema off stage

After a brief intermission, K.D. held a concert.  Her voice is as smooth and lovely as ever.  In fact, one of the songs she sang was the one I included at the top of this post - Hallelujah.  

Spectacular evening!

This quote was displayed in one of the greeting rooms at Royce Hall. 

Hooray for flying and good friends!!!!

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