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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Looking High and Low

 Song - Morning Has Broken cover by MonaLisa Twins


 Good Morning Dear!

The other morning I woke up and opened the kitchen shade.  This little beauty above had her nose against the glass and startled me!  I went out on the front porch (still in my nightgown - it's a good thing we don't have neighbors nearby!) to say hello and her boyfriend was standing guard nearby.....

Look how long his ears are up in his antlers!  I didn't say this to him but doesn't he look like he is wearing a bad toupee? The female deer ran down the lane but he took his time to turn around keeping an eye on me and slowly pranced royally down the lane after her.  

The very next morning I woke and went out on the back deck to fill a new bird feeder that I can see from my bedroom and noticed this....

He was hanging on the deck railing and I wondered why he wasn't on a nearby bush.  I mean he really stood out against the white paint.  I went out a few more times to check on his advancement towards a plant.  He was slow but steady and made it to safety. 

"The earliest mantis fossils are about 

140 million years old, from Siberia."


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