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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The English Countryside


The last few days we have been white knuckling through the beautiful English green....dotted with sheep & serine but we are driving!!!  We have visited 8-10 family villages & churches, all on tiny one lane roads surrounded by hedgerows.  As on pub guy said "you can't be nosy in Somerset!"   


Mr. B has been amazing with his reading of many ancient headstones that might pertain to my dad's side of the family.  


And speaking of taking one for the team......He is even willing to order a dram so he can talk to he local barkeep to find out about any connections to my family in the village. So far it's been very colorful. 


Women were subservient in that she was only listed on his headstone by her first name and that she was his wife.  

Lots of 1200-1500 a.d. churches that we explored and met some amazingly nice people along the way.  


And even a very tired Westie named Gordon who had been walking all day was at out hotel bar.  


Finding my great-grandparents headstone was worth shedding a few tears.  They were very poor and somehow their daughter, Sarah Routley Tuckfield Gore managed to make it to Canada - single - with about 9 kids.  And somehow my grandmother, Violet Elizabeth Bacon Gore Crawford, moved from Montreal with my Granddad to Oakland, California to start their family. 


Here's to my family roots - Tea & scones at the railroad station where my great-grandfather was station master. 

Word of the Day - Brilliant = good choice in America (we hear this one a lot)!!


  1. Lovely and very moving. I can't believe you found it. I too remember driving in England in a German volkswagen van (late 60's, much younger) I was driving and I must have sideswiped someone. We stopped and the driver came around to my boyfriend's side to fume, thinking he was the driver(steering wheel on the left). I still laugh about it. No such luck for Mr. B. How's he doing? P.S. I love scones! Eat one for me

    1. Taya I just love the friendly people here! And the beauty we discover in each new place we visit. Already I can't wait to come back! I hold all of that close to me as Britain is going through a tough time.


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