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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hope and Faith

Song - Always on My Mind by Willie Nelson

First it was a pitiful little nest....

Then mama began sitting on it.....

After several weeks mama, seemed to have abandoned the nest....

and my heart was broken.

Two days ago I saw a little head pop up from the seemingly empty nest. 

So yesterday I grabbed my camera and there was mama proud as can be.

Every time I checked the nest, I guess mom & dad were out on a date.

I think there may be two babies - if you can see the dark brown wing-feathers in the lower left of the nest - I am thinking it may be another baby under mama.

I have named them Hope and Faith. 

Happy Easter Weekend.

"I won't say my memory's bad, but it's to the point now that I can hide my OWN Easter eggs!" --Maxine

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