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Monday, September 8, 2014

Dinan to Josselin to Pont Aven

Days 4 & 5


We spent two days in Dinan and loved every moment! We stayed in the historic part of the city and woke to church bells both mornings. During the day we walked down to the port, had lunch & wine, people watched & I sketched.



Today we drove to Pont Aven near Quimper & the Atlantic. It is still quite humid here and I can't wait to cool off a bit.


On the way to Pont Aven, Mr. B decided that it would be fun to go on country roads, then stop in a town named Josselin to see a castle.


Well nothing puts a smile on my husbands face like back roads, especially if it is only one lane wide and goes through forests & rolling country. Better yet if we pass by old stone farm houses, cattle, churches or castles or if we get behind a farmer on a slow moving tractor. He leads a simple life at heart!



So we made it to Josselin....where there was a festival going on and all of the streets were closed.....until 8 at night! We were determined so we drove around the town, across the bridge, then came around the back side and arrived within several blocks of the castle.....and an amazing restaurant right across the river from the castle!




A beautiful little town and a great procession. Our waitress explained it to us that it was a celebration of Notre Dame (The Virgin Mary). Children were singing, older women were dressed in typical Breton dress and everyone was picnicking.


This was just the beginning of the procession, it went on for miles!


Mr. B and I jumped in our rental car and made it to Pont Aven just in time to check into our little thatched roofed hotel with a beautiful river view.


Tomorrow is market day in town! Just under our bedroom window, they will start setting up at 6am. Yipes!


And no Diet Coke around these parts but the do have a Briton cola with zero calories....when in Rome......







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