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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Little Garden in the Woods

Song - Ain't No Sunshine by Aaron Neville

On Sunday Mr. B had his baseball draft at our home.

This is his presentation of the condiments.

This is his Wild Venison Chili (served with Wild Boar Sausages) Mmmm....

This is Mr. B calmly studying his baseball stats before the crowd arrives
 because his party was kept simple.

This is my presentation.

linen tablecloth, 
handwritten place cards, 
games for the kids
clean bathrooms!

This is my "keep it simple" meal.

(This is just the ice water and the dessert....I am always too busy to snap a shot of the meal!)

You won't find a photo of me calmly doing anything prior to a party 
because it never turns out simple!  

I wonder why? 

But afterwards I'll be in a horizontal position on the couch with a glass of wine!

So on Sunday I left the men-folk to their important business of drafting a fantasy baseball team, while I headed down to the Santa Cruz cabin to do a little gardening. Mika came along as my assistant.

I replanted the large ferns next to the cabin where we had transplanted them about 6 months ago to do some work on the cabin.

Mom's Five-Finger Ferns are doing beautifully.

I put in three new Mother Ferns and transplanted several Spider Plants in between. 

Then I planted Foam Flowers (which love the shade) along with some Begonias 
in front of the living room window. 

 I planted 3 six-packs of Mckana Giant Columbines along a semi-sunny side of the cabin. They grow those beautiful long-spurred blooms and will reseed for next year. 


Wax Leaf Begonia which can grow in sun or shade.

Mika and I had a wonderful day in Santa Cruz and Mr. B's party was a big success.

Now it has stormed for the last two days.  I hope my little flowers don't get washed away.....

"Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn't know you left open." -- John Barrymore

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