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Monday, May 16, 2011

Walking in Circles

My painting of Mama & baby
I've been walking in circles lately because I just can't seem to begin a new painting. I thought my creative juices had dried up, I'm a creative failure, I'll never paint again but that wasn't it at all. Today it suddenly dawned on me why.   

1. Every room in our house is in transition (I'm just saying that instead of a mess) because I got this huge urge to Spring clean about 2 weeks ago and instead of completing one room at a time, I took on the entire house.  Now everything is out of place and nothing has really been cleaned! I am usually OK if I have one or two rooms where I can retreat to when the other rooms are going through their "transition" but not so right now.  Jeez....what was I thinking?  

2. I am trying to paint a cow right now that I am sizing for a small frame that I already purchased.  Not a good idea.  I want to paint him BIG! A big guy with BIG attitude just should not be painted small. Makes perfect sense to me now!
The BIG boy - see what I mean?

the Lavender is coming along nicely too!
So....with my "intention" (OLW) happening this morning, I came up with a plan. I set up a schedule to get the house back in order (phew!) and I will just buy a bigger frame so I can paint my big cow any size I want!

Sounds so easy now but believe me I have been walking in circles! 

              Time to go wrestle a cow!

"Don't wait for inspiration—pursue it." 
― Dan Zadra

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