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Monday, May 2, 2011

Landing on my Heart.....

Our Son 

And he truly is a gift...

My son, Tyler is 21 today.  I remember the day he was born.  His two brothers were sent off to his Aunt & Uncle's home for the night.   He was born in the early hours of the morning and I could not wait to announce his arrival. You have a sweet new brother, son, grandson, nephew, ...I remember the nurse weighing him and measuring him, then giving me the tape measure with his length noted on it. Today we have a mark in his bedroom closet that announced his desire to be 6'2 and a baseball fireball.  He achieved that!  The doctor that delivered him was not my regular ob-gyn, but a young new doctor that looked like he just parked his surfboard outside and had come in to deliver a baby or two.  I had had a brain aneurysm four years previous to Tyler's birth so I was a little anxious about the strain. But he was perfect ..... and beautiful...  
Tyler was the easiest going of the three.  I guess he had to be since his two older brother's schedules dictated what Tyler and I wanted to do...but we went to baseball, soccer, field trips and such while Tyler slept and he was happy to just be with his brothers....

Always a smile on Tyler's face and always a "will you marry me mom" along with a bouquet of flowers that he had picked from bus stop in grade school down the lane.  

Tyler - I am so proud of you and I love you ....always.... happy

  from  Beth at "be yourself....everyone else is taken"

 he is
truly a gift.
but don't get me wrong. he has not been an easy child to raise these past few years.
 not even close......
when our son was little
 he was very agreeable to our way of parenting and his love for life taught us how to live.
by the time he reached high school.  well honestly there were days i wanted to lock him out of the house and wish him luck.
four years
of broken hearts. tears. frustration. yelling. silence. head shaking. door slamming. grounding.
finger pointing. sleepless nights. blurry mornings.
now we are here
with a son who is finally on a new path.  finding his way. making us laugh again. talking for hours with us. working full time. winning back the love of a sister who didn't like him for a long time.
oh was he ever sick this weekend
when your nineteen year old son needs you to be with him in urgent care
two days in a row
you know he really doesn't feel good.
as i sat waiting with him.  taking this photo on my phone that he didn't see.
in my mind
he was 3 years old again suffering from another asthma attack.
he was 5 having an allergic reaction to peanuts.
he was 8 and having his head stitched up after cracking it open on the side of the pool.
he was 12having his finger tips
super glued back together after a firework exploded in his hand.
after a multitude of tests. we  still don't know what is wrong.
 today he's better.
he's actually better in so many ways.
his love for life
which he never lost.
even when life was ugly
is still tangible
i can't tell you how nice it is to have  our son back again.

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