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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Tarasque Creature - Day 19

Song - Under Paris Skies Medley by Lee Terry Meisinger

The first stop of the day was the Flea Market in Avignon.  Lots of fun things to explore!

 But the cutest thing I saw there......

 .....was this little guy riding in his mama's purse!

 As we worked our way to the car park under the Palace, we came across some Roman architecture dating from the 1st century. Above it now sits a clothing shop!

Mr. B is pausing to look at the Pope's Palace built on rocks and to admire a song being played by the man on the right with an accordion. The sounds bouncing off the stone walls was magical!

On the way to Arles we drove along the Rhone River past some more bright red poppies and into the town of Tarascon.

 We passed by the Chateau de Tarascon with cannonball holes in the top (so Mr. B informs me).  It is a well preserved castle on the Rhone that was built by the Anjous in the 1400's.

 And the statue of the Tarasque creature is nearby. We originally drove into Tarascon to see if we could find a Tarasque T-shit for Mr. B but no T-shirt shops that we could find! I did get a ton of photos of shuttered windows and beautiful ancient doors depicting the colors of Provence.

 After parking the car in Arles, we stopped for a bite of lunch sitting outside at the Grand Cafe Malarte and then headed into the ancient part of the city.

The Roman Theater

Arles Amphitheater

 We walked around the Amphitheater and enjoyed street music, lively shops and people watching.

Van Gogh lived over a year in Arles before his breakdown.

 Streets radiated out from the arena like spokes on a bike.

 And more photos of shuttered windows for me!

Unfortunately we had to leave Arles before we were ready as our hotel had made us dinner reservations and we had to be on time!

Once again an ancient city built on just boggles the mind....well my mind anyway!

We arrived at the restaurant just as they were opening.  It was modern and chic.  Avenio is the ancient name for Avignon we later found out.

The staff was very friendly and the food..................was incredible!

Mr. B ordered a smoked haddock for his appetizer......

While I dined on an artichoke salad with Mangalica ham & Parmesan cheese.

For our main course I ordered the asparagus risotto with morels........mmmmm......

Mr. B enjoyed Iberian ham on seasonal vegetables topped with a saffron sauce.

Dessert was shared but I can't remember what it was......yikes!

I highly recommend making reservations here if you're anywhere nearby.  The chef Jerome Nolin worked for several Michelin star(s) restaurants before opening his own place in Avignon.  You can taste and feel his passion for food!

"Seize the moment.  
Remember all those women on the Titanic 
who waved off the dessert cart."
--Erma Bombeck


  1. We were in Arles 2 years ago and ate at another fun retaurant. We stayed at Hotel Particulier and everything was about the World cup. The French transportation system was striking then too which caused them to cancel our flight from NIce to Dublin, costing us beaucoup de dollars to rearrange our flights. C'est la vie!!!

    Are you getting my comments? they're not being published on your blogs. Anyway I'm enjoying the trip

    1. Taya - thanks for letting me know about the comments not being published! I was able to remedy it this morning. I guess Blogger isn't letting me know when a comment is waiting moderation anymore. But I found them! Thanks for traveling with me!


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