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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Summer Pelican's & Anemone's

Song -The Sound of Sunshine by Michael Franti & Spearhead

 On Wednesday, my friend Jill, took me to Muir Beach for a belated birthday gift.

We stopped at the Pelican Inn for lunch before heading to the beach.


We used to go here quite often in our 20's and if you have never been.....well it's a place that is an inn, a restaurant and a bar but it's done up like an old English pub - the decor as well as the food.

They usually have a big roaring fire going but I think because it's summer they have the 
fireplace filled with candles.


Jill and I sat outside in the back courtyard because it was such a beautiful day.

After a leisurely lunch and a glass of wine we headed down the lane to the beach.

It was beautiful....filled with people enjoying sunshine, waves and each other.

See these muddy "donuts" above?

They are actually sea anemone's and if you gently stick your finger in the center 
they will slowly close up thinking they have caught a fish. 

 But if you are Jill and jab them, they will squirt water out at you!!!  
Wish I had caught that on my camera!

But when they open to the tide, they look like this.....

.....and this.....

.....and this!!!  Fun huh?

We saw other bits of animal life at the ocean.

The rocks were all loaded with muscles and other sea creatures.


 And the giant rock in the water had some yellow and orange plants.

I was thinking Iceberg but the petals look like starfish and the flowers are too tall.
Not sure what it is.

Hallowed out old crab shells looked like they were watching us. 

Heading back in the afternoon, Jill noticed this.....

The Farallon Islands were view able from the little road we were on 
and are 27 miles out from the coast.


And on the other side of the road was the above view of Marin and the Oakland Hills.

Driving in rush hour traffic we enjoyed a view of the above Sir Francis Drake 30 foot statue sculpted by Dennis Patton and located near the Larkspur Ferry Terminal.

“It’s better to be sorry for what you did, 
than for what you didn’t do.” 
-- Anonymous

(sounds a lot like something my bud Jill would say)

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