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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Long and Winding Road

Northern Skye.......the main roads around the island were far better than we thought they would be.  


Occasionally there were road hazards.....but cute ones!


And occasionally there were road hazards and our road became a single track with few pull outs. But at least here you could see oncoming cars as there were no stone walls nor hedgerows like in South West England!


There are also no landscaped gardens around here as it's all about survival. I love the simple beauty here.  

And you can't forget that loaf of bread at the grocery store!


But the views were spectacular everywhere we turned.  If you look closely at the above photo you can see hikers along the trail. 


Kilt Rock behind a waterfall into the sea.  The rock formation is named because it looks like the folds in a kilt. 


And it is very windy out here so they need to fasten down their roofs!  We drove out to this point to see Flora MacDonalds grave and a Living Museum nearby but the museum was closed on Sundays.  

Phrase of the Day - "I flashed them first". 

When you drive on a single track road you flash your lights at oncoming cars to let them know you are in a pullout and they can safely move forward and pass you. Except I kept letting Mr. B know that the oncoming car was flashing him so that we could go but he would respond with "I flashed them first" or "I already flashed them - twice" so then it was a contest on a very narrow road as to who would move forward first.  You don't want to get stuck in a bog around here as it might take all day to get rescued!  Oh yeah & no cell service!

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