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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Royalty, Musicians and Artists


I had a game plan for today and Mr. B sorted out the tube details.  First stop Kensington Palace Gardens.  I knew they were having a special White Garden display in honor of Princess Diana. Apparently in her 15 years at the Palace, she enjoyed the gardens and often spoke with the gardeners.


I love white flowers against a green background.  I think I got that from my mom who also has that same passion! Thanks Mom! The gardeners here were busy adding fresh white Cosmo plants to the walled garden. 


Next stop - Abbey Road and the Zebra crosswalk from their Abbey Road album. So many people here and you had to stop traffic to get your shot.  Some people were way into making traffic stop for minutes while they posed their shot but Mr. B and I just took turns crossing the street. Next door is the Abbey Road Studio - where those blue posts are on the left side. 


Third stop for the day was Somerset House and the Courtauld Gallery which you might remember that we tried to get in yesterday but were turned away because they were closed for a private function - so they gave us free tickets. 


They were having a special Impressionist Show with some very special paintings.  Vincent Van Gogh's "Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear" from 1889 is above.  I am always so amazed when I see paintings live as they have so much more character and color and vibrancy to them. 


Above is Edouard Manet's lovely painting of "A Bar at the Folies-Bergère" c1881-82. I spent a lot of time enjoying this luscious painting.  He signed his name on the wine bottle in the left corner. The glasswork, the crowd in the background and the barmaids detached look all pulled this painting together - as well as the reflection of the barmaid's reflection speaking to the gentleman in the mirror. 


And a lovely little Degas of "Two Dancers on the Stage".  Fun day!

Word of the Day - lift = elevator 

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