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Monday, May 29, 2017

Sweet Loretta

We got to meet Sweet Loretta today.  


The name is taken from The Beatles song "Get Back" and Monday we spent most of the day in Liverpool on the FabFour Beatle tour. 


Our driver, Tim was wonderful and so informative.  It was raining when we first arrived in Liverpool but was just cloudy for the rest of the day so it made getting in & out of the taxi so much easier. Here we are at Penny Lane. 


And at the barber showing photographs of every customer he's had the pleasure to know...


And Strawberry Field were John used to sneak into at night to visit the young ladies that lived there. 

Tim our very capable driver & Mr. B outside the graveyard were Elenor Rigby & Father MacKensie are buried.  


Heading into the Cavern where music is still played. 


Can you tell that I was pretty thrilled with our day?  For just a moment in history these four young men made such a lasting impact on the world and I treasure that memory. 


And after a two hour drive we are in the beautiful countryside of the Lake District. This is the view from our room of Lake Windermere.  Tomorrow we head to Beatrix Potters Hill Top Cottage. 

From Beatles to Beatrix - quite a leap!

Word of the Day - Teddy Boy = Ringo's gang name

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