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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Piggy Shoes

We wish we had more time to explore Bath - its buildings, history, parks and people but we are off on new adventures in the morning. 

 Today we did the HoHo bus tour - Hop On Hop Off Tour.  The first one was the scenic view of the city and the guy announcing was great.  Mr. B needed to check his map to make sure the guy had all of his facts straight.  

 Then we took a break and sat near the abbey to listen to live music.  There was also this amazing street performer who never blinked an eye or moved a muscle.  


The Roman Baths were next.  I expected touristy but they were pretty amazing.  


Guilt bronze head of the Goddess Sulis Minerva - a combination of a Celtic god & the Roman peasant god and was discovered in the 1700's. 


Lots of information about the various buildings, temples, hot baths, cold baths, Sacred Springs as well as the findings of coins, jewels, combs, tools and "curses". The Romans would write on a piece of tin about a theft or problem and toss it into the bath which was supposed to help them solve the problem or at least curse the bad guy!


There were several groups of small school children learning about the baths today. You haven't lived until you hear little ones with an English accent!  Remember that YouTube video of "Charlie bit my finger"?

After that we decided to take our other HoHo tour within the city. 


The Pulteney Bridge with lots of shops inside. 


About 3 pm we were getting a little hungry and although it seemed very Tourisy (once again) we walked over to dine at Sally Lunn's were they serve an amazing bun with toppings and with tea.  Boy was it great!  The house is the oldest in Bath circa 1482 and Sally's has been serving her buns since 1680. Mm....we finished it off with Apple Cake & clotted cream. 


Walking back to our hotel we poked into a few shops.  Our dinner reservations were not until 8 pm so we didn't want to spend time in our room where we might be tempted to fall asleep so we headed to our back garden to read. Lovely day and a great dinner at The Circus. 


Now you are probably wondering about my title if "piggy shoes".......while we were eating breakfast outside near the abbey, there was a young woman hawking magazines and yelling "piggy shoes" nearby.  I finally asked Mr. B the meaning behind this (because he knows so much about history & such).

 He replied "she is saying Big Issue with an English accent."

Pray for me my friends - we have a month to go!

Word of the day - if American fries are called chips in England the what are American chips called?

"Crisps".....of course!

***Bonus Question - Guess who has a home in Bath?  Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood!

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  1. Loving it, keep 'em coming. I don't know how you do it. And take care on the road...


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