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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Duke

Song - Duke of Earl by Gene Chandler

Do you know this man?  

I don't either but I found this photo yesterday in a shoe box on a shelf I was cleaning.

(I really should be painting)

The shoe box was full of post cards and old photo's totally unrelated to our family.
 I bought them at the flea market in Lake Tahoe several years ago.

And since this name and date were on the back of the photo.....

I Googled him.

 (I really should be painting)

His name was on the Harvard Autograph File collection, just several names down from Einstein's!

So I Ancestry-ed him.

(I really should be painting) 

He died at 60 of Typhoid Fever. I found his grave.

I learned about his parents, two wives, children and siblings.

(I really should be painting) 

So I wrote to several of his family members to see if they would like a copy of the photo and for them to be able to see if it really is him!

I got a reply.

They said that the brothers married Kramer sisters in NY and the sisters were instrumental in preserving George Washington's headquarters on upper Manhattan.


 (I really should be painting) 

Now I have sent them the photo and I'm ready to paint.

My work here is done!!!

"George Washington slept here" - J. Baird

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