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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Berkeley Winning Streak

Song - The Boxer by Simon and Garfunkel

My friend Kathy and I arrived in Berkeley on Friday late afternoon to the lovely temperature of 78 degrees (it was 100+ in Walnut Creek)!  We were there to see and hear Paul Simon's concert at the Greek Theater. 

We passed the band's buses on the way in from our parking spaces and waved to Paul as we passed by.

No, we didn't sit in the throne's but directly behind them with plenty of leg room - those are Kathy's knees on the far right.  All of the throne's have amazing quotes carved into the backs of them dating from the late 1800 - early 1900.

We got out back stage passes to the after concert party.....Not sure if you remember but we were able to go back stage several years ago and meet Paul Simon and I was ill prepared to met a celebrity and ended up shaking his hand and saying something like "Great concert...."

This time I was prepared.

I had done some reading on Paul's home life and career.  Although I didn't have a prepared speech, I was ready........

WE were ready!  Beautiful evening, great seats and the music was simply outstanding!  And after about three songs, this happened......

See how everyone is looking up in the stands, away from the stage and even toasting someone.  And that someone is the guy in the light blue shirt walking up the stairs.  Not sure who he was, I just snapped some photos.

Now the guy and his "entourage" were heading back down the stairs to much applause and Paul Simon pausing the concert.

By this time word had gotten around that this guy was Steve Kerr, the Golden State Warriors coach. Now truthfully, I am not a basketball fan but apparently a lot of people are and this was a big deal.

After conferring with some of the Greek Theater staff, they turned toward us to find their seats.....three rows behind ours!  I did get to "high-five" him as he walked past!

Seriously, it has got to be a tough life never having any privacy!  As they took their seats, Paul Simon said (in jest) that the next time Stephan Curry is attempting a three pointer, the singer was going to walk through HIS stadium!  

And the concert went on......

During the concert Paul was singing "The Boxer" and told us that Mohammad Ali had just passed.

After the concert we were escorted back stage and guess who else had back stage passes? 

Steve Kerr et all.....!

The back-back-stage where the band's equipment is stored and there is ping-pong etc. to enjoy.

Paul decided not to party that evening but invite Steve to join him privately.

So even though we didn't get to use our "unprepared" speeches on that evening we still got to enjoy wonderful food under the stars with Paul's amazing band in a beautiful little area of Berkeley.

And to top off our late evening we had to stop for a male jogger crossing the street at 11 pm au natural!  Now it just wouldn't be Bezerkeley without that to ice the cake!  Lucky for you, I didn't have my camera ready!!!  HA!

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  1. Watch a few of the Warriors games and you will definitely become a fan.


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