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Monday, May 9, 2016

Mom's Glue

Song - Your Mother and Mine from Peter Pan

Mom circa 1957

See that cake pan on top of the refrigerator? Mom always had a freshly baked cake in there!  And the drawer behind her had Red Vine licorice and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies for the family and our friends. And she usually had a pot of spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove top. 

Mom could be found in the kitchen or in the garden....both favorites of hers.....they still are.

Mom is still cooking in the same kitchen (minus the plaid wallpaper) in 2016

My mom has some extra strength glue - one that can hold a whole family together.  This will be our year of "firsts"....first time in 66 years that dad wasn't with us to celebrate Mother's Day. But we held it together with mom's love.

As for my Mother's Day, it was an extra special day.  My middle son, Jon surprised me with a visit from LA - way too short Jon but a delight!  The three of us had breakfast with my mom, then while she was off playing golf with my brother & his family, I got to paint.  My three (4 with Mr. B) boys and my soon to be daughter (insert ear to ear grin here) celebrated with a lovely meal outside by the fireplace.

"Home is where your mom is."

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