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Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring is in the Air

Song -  The Green Green Grass of Home by Joan Baez

Five days ago mama Mourning Dove was sitting on the nest with out any evidence of  babies.

Then this morning, guess who showed up? She was in the nest alone because I think mama was out getting something to eat. I'm going to name her 'lil Debbie Dove.

The Spring garden is full of life.  

The Dogwoods are in full bloom in the shade garden.

The lettuce that Tyler planted last fall is yielding some beautiful plants just ready for eating.

Freesia is bloom in both the front yard and back yard.

The Wisteria is full of blooms and happy bees!

Roses are just starting to burst into bloom.

Hosta's are emerging from their winter sleep.

Dogwoods up close.

 Soloman's Seal fills in the base of the shade garden

Camelia's are just finishing up their blooms.  This plant was left from the original owners of our house and it produces non-stop!  I call them Nancy's blooms.  Maybe 'lil Debby Dove will fly over to Nancy's blooms one day soon?

 Our lovely apple tree is filled with these soft pink blooms.  One of my favorites!

 And of course our lawn is filled, filled, filled with Dandelions.  They remind me of childhood and blowing a wish. 

 Bearded Iris - fist blooms!

 I forget what this ground cover is called but don't these flowers look like they are having a conversation?  And maybe one is sticking his tongue out at the other?

 Even the Japanese Maples are happy that it is Spring!

And here is my little buddy Mika who was walking around the garden with me but then got tangled up in the lemon trees.

"If life gives you lemons, don't settle for simply making lemonade - make a glorious scene at a lemonade stand." -- Elizabeth Gilbert

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  1. Sooo beautiful. Are you sure you're not just subsituting the Dove photos from last year and the year before? They really like that ladder for nesting!


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