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Friday, July 10, 2015


Song - The Mad Tea Party Ride in Disneyland

I remember this moment so well.  We were in Disneyland around 1988 with our two boys at the time.  Jon was having the time of his life shaking Parmesan cheese onto his spaghetti. He was so happy that he could "do it myself" that he clogged up the shaker with sauce.  Jon always, always kept us smiling.

 But the shocker was how B-I-G Mr. B's glasses were!!!

The only other person that I could think of that wore this style......

Yep.  Good ol' Clark Griswald!

Of course, I just spotted a photo of my niece with her new glasses on Facebook and they are equally as large.  Maybe it's back in fashion or these two guys were just ahead of their time?

 "The time to laugh is when you don't have time for it."    
-- Argus Poster

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