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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Bird Ladder

Song - Mourning Dove Singing by MPG Ranch

We have had this errant grape vine that simply does not want to stay up on the pergola outside of our dining room. I think with the unseasonably warm spring, they went bonkers.

And they were joined by a few more straggling vines. 

Since Mr. B and I are not too keen on climbing ladders (is that just something that happens when you reach a certain age?) we asked our sons to grab the ladder from the side yard and fix the vines back onto the pergola.

And this is what they found.........

I guess the ladder will remain non-operational until after the little ones have flown away!

Happy Thursday!

"The dove, On silver pinions, winged her peaceful way." 
-- James Montgomery

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  1. same place as last year around Mother's Day.


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