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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mellow Yellow

Song - Yellow Bird by Chet Atkins

Can you see him?

He is right in the center of the shot, trying to avoid the!

A flock of Western Tanager's flew into our garden late in the afternoon.  I was taking my end-of-day walk around the garden and as I stopped near the creek, I saw them.  Beautiful!!!  

I ran back inside to get my camera and by the time I returned, they seemed to have disappeared.  Like in the top photo......but they were still there!

Male Western Tanager


I pulled up a chair and patiently waited for them to show their sweet little faces.

And just as I was changing my camera settings, I saw this.  
But he was so fast that I couldn't quite capture him very well.

Do you see him?

Quick.....look right.

A beautiful hawk buzzed right by me and I quickly tried to refocus but he was too fast for me.  It just amazes me when I see real photographers who capture amazing bird photo's.  I have been trying for years and it really makes me appreciate their photo skills!

I was hoping to show you a photo of the Tanager's drinking water from the creek but decided to just take a photo of the branches that they like to hang out on that are hanging over the water.

When I came inside and opened up this shot on my computer...oh wait... you see them?

The female is at the upper right in the sunshine

 and the male is at the lower left.  

I was surprised that they have such good camo!

Heading into the house, I decided to take a peek at mama Mourning Dove.

No babies sighted yet.

Daddy Mourning Dove arrives later each day.....6:11 this evening!
Mr. B better go have a talk with him!!!

"Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang the best." 
-- Henry Van Dyke


  1. Those birds are gorgeous. How did you know what they were? did you consult a bird book for ID?
    I seem to recall we had scarlet tanagers in Wisconsin, as well as many warblers which we don't see here. Send the little fellows to Berkeley!

    1. Taya - Mr. B has seen them when he was fly fishing and has described them to me. I actually thought they were very large American Goldfinch's but then I saw the orange/red on top!! I will tell them today to fly West to visit you!


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