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Friday, March 13, 2015

Petal Pushers

Song - For the Roses by Joni Mitchell

Woke to a beautiful sunrise this morning and decided to take a walk around the garden.  The birds were incredible, singing to each other and to me!

And just as I am writing this post two Red House Finches flew through the open door and into our dining room.  I think they thought it might be a nice place to build a nest! I shooed them back out before they got too comfortable on the chandelier!

Spring must be in the air and romance is all around me. Both yesterday and today two Canadian Geese landed on our roof and did their little happy dance then flew down into our swimming pool. Ugg!  I sent Mika out to take care of that situation and she did it beautifully!  So proud of herself afterwards that she could scare a critter twice as big as she is!

Luckily it wasn't this beautiful Great Blue Heron who was fishing in our backyard creek several days ago! 

On with our garden stroll....

White Wisteria - the scent is incredible!

The Dogwood trees are getting ready to pop!

Little Santa Barbara Daisies are smiling everywhere!

Morning dew on my roses......

Seed pods on the October Glory tree are a beautiful color against the bright blue sky

Purple Wisteria on the arbor in our side yard

Callery Pears are filling the front yard with their billowy blossoms

And it is snowing white petals!

Freesia's are popping up everywhere and scenting the garden

Climbing Climatis are just budding now

"If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change" --Buddha

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