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Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Wee Bit of Scotland Came To Walnut Creek

Song - Danny Boy played by piper Jeff Campbell

On Sunday our family celebrated four February birthdays (Katie, Mr. B, Mom & our Jon-E-B's) as well as our parents 65th Wedding Anniversary!

We enjoyed a beautiful day in my brother and sister-in-laws backyard, just around the corner from our home.

My mom decided to surprise my dad with a bagpipe player because his father used to play the bagpipes and drums in WWI.  As you can see, my dad was delighted and touched to hear the piper play!

My grandfather - John Crawford

The piper was Jeff Campbell who my brilliant mother found on the internet.  I was impressed with her internet skills when she informed us that she found a lot of young men on the internet!!! Ha.....

I got to talking with Jeff and he went to the same high school as my brother and myself. When my brother Tim and he began going over their friend lists, it seems they had some in common - what a small world!

Now Tim, has a nice little putting green in his backyard and I made a little sign to go with it......

If any of you have ever been to the Inn at Spanish Bay, they have a piper come out every evening just before sunset to play on the hills nearby.  There are big open fire pits to enjoy drinks around and the music comes softly through the early evening air.

My nieces son, Harley, seemed to enjoy the music but he wasn't quite sure about getting too close!

Just look at that cute little pout!  Jeff was a sweetheart!

Delicious food was catered by Sideboard of Danville. We enjoyed various sliders, an incredible Mac n'Cheese, salads and cupcakes! I was so busy enjoying the food that I forgot to take a picture of the beautiful table setting!

Lily (with her birthday face paint on) and June enjoyed my brother's "sand trap"!!!

Dad, Jeff-the-piper & Tim

Happy 65th Anniversary Mom & Dad!

"This old barbaric music has magic in it. It transforms the Gael. It reawakens in the depths of their being, even in this...century, impressions, moods, feelings inherited from a wild untamed ancestry for thousands of years, and thus gives them, more than strong wine, that strength of arm and that endurance of soul which makes them invincible.”  --Michael MacDonagh ~ 1916

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