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Monday, January 26, 2015

My Fresh Air Mom!

Song - Mambo Italiano by Dean Martin

So I have this wonderful Italian mom who still likes to be involved in the lives of her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews, a long lost cousin, her neighbors, her neighbors dogs or get the picture. She likes to keep track of the pulse of the world!

She is especially happy if she has a baby or two or three on her lap.  Or one she can rock to sleep!

Mom has been concerned that I haven't gotten any fresh air or sunshine because I paint too much.  So even though my easel is 18" from a double French door that is kept open all day into my garden, it still isn't up to moms ideas of fresh air.

The other day my son's were home and the youngest said he was going to head back home because he was tired and needed a nap.  Mom said "Why don't you go jogging?"  Huh? 

OK.  Well meaning, very loving and caring.  But things should be done her way.....right? Must be the Italian in her, or maybe it's all moms?

So Mom - this is for you!  I took a walk the other day and brought my camera so I could document what was happening in the garden in January!

The Narcissus are blooming

The Lemons are happy with all of our winter sunshine

My Sweet Pea's are climbing - with a little help from me!

The Rosemary is blooming and fragrant

Moss is growing around the pool deck

My Rodde's are ready to sprout

Primroses are happily smiling everywhere - except my front walk where the dear have eaten them ;-(

The Veronica plants are blooming in the late day sun

My Camellia bushes are full

Even my lawn is full of weeds and dandelions

As I turn the corner into the side yard, I get a full scent of my huge Daphne bush

Little Grape Hyacinth's are multiplying everywhere

Spring Snowflake - a sure sign of Spring coming!

Star Magnolia

And finally my flowering Quince!

Hope you enjoyed this walk around my garden - Mom and friends!

And that fresh air did feel good!!!  I guess mom's sometimes know what they are talking about!

See.  Even as a little girl mom was happiest with a baby on her hip!

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