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Saturday, September 20, 2014

French Men's Fashion

OK. I have to tell you that I have been working on Mr. B to return home with a true French man's outfit. Pants, shirt, scarf & shoes! Voila!


In Normandy & Brittany we saw a lot of "shants". You know a combo of shorts & pants! But he wasn't biting. Ugg. Me either.



But overall, I have found men to wear bright colored shoes....


Or .... A form of bowling shoe perhaps?



But boy do these guys love their brightly colored pants! Both in the country and in the city!








And if the bright pants didn't quite get you, then bright shirts surly should!




And everyone wears a fashionable scarf.....both men & women (even if it's 90 degrees outside!)


But no go for my guy!


So far all he will do......




Is carry a man purse!!!!




Friday, September 19, 2014

La Vie en Rose

Join me in the Cevannes where Robert Louis Stevenson rode his donkey, Modestine and wrote a book about the adventure......


Stopping for lunch, Mr. B had a fig tart and he also made a new friend....




His buddy had more tart crumbs on his nose than Mr. B got into his own mouth!




We stopped at Pont du Gard which is an old Roman aquaduct. It is so magnificent!





This is an ancient olive tree that Mr. B took a photo of me sitting in its shade about 15 years ago. It was planted in 908......


Yes, I said 908.... Compute that one!


We finally checked into our room at Avignon. Ahhh....air conditioning!


And a little glass Chateauneuf-du-Pape for me!



Then a scrumptious dinner in our hotel and early to bed!


In the morning we went to Mr. B's favorite cafe.


This is the funny waiter we have every time we have been here. He just cracks us up!



More cobblestone streets......with different stones. They are very rounded without many flat spots so you really have to watch where you are stepping!


I don't know how the young women around here do it with 5" heels!


Then I sat in the shade for awhile at a different cafe and sketched while Mr. B explored.


The Pope's Palace....



Pont Avignon that kept crumbling into the river. At one point it had 22 arches, now it only has 4.......



We had lunch in the park near this beautiful little statue.




When we returned to the square, the merry-go-round was lit up and running and ready for business!




There was a young woman in the square singing "La Vie en Rose", now I can't stop humming it!!!


Hold me close and hold me fast

This magic spell you cast

This is la vie en rose

When you kiss me, heaven sighs

And though I close my eyes

I see la vie en rose

When you press me to your heart

I'm in a world apart

A world where roses bloom

And when you speak, angels, sing from above

Everyday words seem

To turn into love songs

Give your heart and soul to me

And life will always be

La vie en rose


Written by Louis Armstrong




















Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Roman bridges, Famous knives & Cute cows!

We spent the day in the local village of Estaing,

Another pilgrim site. So many young & old people with their backpacks and walking sticks through out this part of the country.

We then drove 30 minutes on a one (sometimes-two) lane road to Laguiole

where the famous knives are made.

This is the set we ended up purchasing from a master knife maker Michael who is one of 6 in the area. They are made of Juniper wood and are so beautiful!

We ended up in Espalion for lunch after stopping several times for sweet, darling cow photos along the roadside! Can you see her bell? They are ringing all over the beautiful green hillside.

Here come the guys, crossing the Roman bridge to bring us our bread for the day! Just kidding!

About it being our bread.

It truly is a ancient Roman bridge.

But it is very common to see people heading home for the day with their baguette for the evening meal!

Back home to our little Manor on the hill.

And a very yummy meal cooked by Chef Laurent and served by the innkeeper, Eric. Such lovely people!
I forgot to tell you that it has been muggy & warm here. A dry storm rolled in about 5 am and the thunder was teeth cracking! I thought our little stone room would crumble, it was so loud! We survived.....

A long drive tomorrow to Avignon in Provence.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pilgrim Route

Day 14 - Yipes!


We left Rocamadour this morning and headed to Saint-Cirq-La-Popopie.

Then onto Conques which is another pilgrim stop for many heading on to Santiago de Compostelo in Spain. We saw many pilgrims heading along our route towards their next destination. Pilgrims have been doing this route since the 1100. Young and old they are making the journey.






Cute little friar was doing a talk outside the Church. We were in the shade having crepes & salad for lunch. It was all in French but he was so animated that I couldn't take my eyes off him. Instead of a lazer pointer he used a mirror from his pocket to show the crowd different aspects of a carving above the churches front door. Then he pulled out a cane and showed the antique use of walk, as a crutch, to sit upon,to place up against a bad guys neck, etc. he had the French crowd howling!

Judgement day...heaven on our left and hell on our right.


A house Mr. B is considering. Needs work! It is leaning just a little!



Ah and here is the money machine to buy the beautiful home with. Unfortunately our card didn't work!!!




Our lodgings for the next two nights in Estaing. Lovely reception, room, meal and across from the Lot river!




A castle & church on the hill across from our room.



Bon nuit !




Monday, September 15, 2014



Drove along the Dordogne River & up to Rocamadour, which has been a Pilgrim sight since the 9th century. Rocamadour honors Mary which is so very special to me.


Our hotel is within the Medieval walled city and the city is built on a cliff.

This is a photo Mr. B took from our guide book because he was ready to check into our hotel which meant he had to drive into the gates of the walled city.


We checked in and the innkeeper upgraded us to a suite with amazing views!


This is the view from our bedroom and the valley below. And our sitting room looks into the village and up the mountain to the amazing chapel and medieval sights.


Our room is on the second story with the open blue shutters. It goes around the corner with the stitting room & bathrooms & incredible sights!


We took the elevator up to the sanctuary (3 football fields high) and retraced our steps from 6 years ago when we were here.


But.....that was in November. It is still September and the crowds are amazing. I wanted to enjoy my "Mary" sights in solitude.


Wasn't going to happen....


Can you see how the buildings were built into the mountain?



I always ember my Geandma Sophie talking about the "black Madonna" from Italy. Well she is here as well. She is carved out of Walnut and then they are not sure if she was blackened on purpose or if the statue was under candlelight. But there are about 300 Black Madonnas in France.


She has so much amazing energy coming from this little statue (about 3' high) that I am in awe.


A statue of Mary on top of her chapel.



A very tired chat asleep along the steps heading down from the chapel.



A storm is rolling in. It is still about 80 degrees at dinner time. We sat out on the terrace and had a great meal as the storm rolled in. Fun to watch. Hours of lightening & thunder but no rain.
Lovely evening....



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