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"Figuring out our gifts in life is part of our journey to becoming enlightened human beings.” – Allison DuBois

Friday, December 12, 2014

Here Comes Pete & Re-Pete!

Just Squirrels

Tell me, do squirrels have a life purpose?

I mean other than to empty my bird feeders and their pure entertainment value?  Oh yeah and to drive the dog crazy as well!

I filled all of my bird feeders earlier this week in anticipation of the big California storm that hit on Thursday.  But the squirrels were in all of them by the time I walked into the house.

"Hey Pete how the heck do I get around this dome?"

"I can just hang out here all day long and get my 3 square meals!"

"Good thing the tree grows branches perfect for my toes to hang onto!!!"

"Hey, Pete.......maybe she won't spot me back here?
Dude it's like I'm in full camo gear - Hehe!!!"

"OK - Re-Pete, I've got this one covered and it's got me covered!"

"It's a good thing she put the "umbrella" over my feeder!"

"And a good thing there is a little handle on here for me!"

"Hey Re-Pete, I'm stuck to my food bowl"

"Pete, it's time to get away - quick, let's take the vine freeway"

"Hurry, she's coming outside with the dog!"

"OK Pete, I'm right behind you bud"

"Hey Re-Pete, I think I have room for one more go around!!!" for a little bird time...........

"If we had a keen vision of all that is ordinary in human life, it would be like hearing the grass grow or the squirrel's heart beat, and we should die of that roar which is the other side of silence" -- George Eliot

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