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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Roman bridges, Famous knives & Cute cows!

We spent the day in the local village of Estaing,

Another pilgrim site. So many young & old people with their backpacks and walking sticks through out this part of the country.

We then drove 30 minutes on a one (sometimes-two) lane road to Laguiole

where the famous knives are made.

This is the set we ended up purchasing from a master knife maker Michael who is one of 6 in the area. They are made of Juniper wood and are so beautiful!

We ended up in Espalion for lunch after stopping several times for sweet, darling cow photos along the roadside! Can you see her bell? They are ringing all over the beautiful green hillside.

Here come the guys, crossing the Roman bridge to bring us our bread for the day! Just kidding!

About it being our bread.

It truly is a ancient Roman bridge.

But it is very common to see people heading home for the day with their baguette for the evening meal!

Back home to our little Manor on the hill.

And a very yummy meal cooked by Chef Laurent and served by the innkeeper, Eric. Such lovely people!
I forgot to tell you that it has been muggy & warm here. A dry storm rolled in about 5 am and the thunder was teeth cracking! I thought our little stone room would crumble, it was so loud! We survived.....

A long drive tomorrow to Avignon in Provence.

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