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Monday, September 15, 2014



Drove along the Dordogne River & up to Rocamadour, which has been a Pilgrim sight since the 9th century. Rocamadour honors Mary which is so very special to me.


Our hotel is within the Medieval walled city and the city is built on a cliff.

This is a photo Mr. B took from our guide book because he was ready to check into our hotel which meant he had to drive into the gates of the walled city.


We checked in and the innkeeper upgraded us to a suite with amazing views!


This is the view from our bedroom and the valley below. And our sitting room looks into the village and up the mountain to the amazing chapel and medieval sights.


Our room is on the second story with the open blue shutters. It goes around the corner with the stitting room & bathrooms & incredible sights!


We took the elevator up to the sanctuary (3 football fields high) and retraced our steps from 6 years ago when we were here.


But.....that was in November. It is still September and the crowds are amazing. I wanted to enjoy my "Mary" sights in solitude.


Wasn't going to happen....


Can you see how the buildings were built into the mountain?



I always ember my Geandma Sophie talking about the "black Madonna" from Italy. Well she is here as well. She is carved out of Walnut and then they are not sure if she was blackened on purpose or if the statue was under candlelight. But there are about 300 Black Madonnas in France.


She has so much amazing energy coming from this little statue (about 3' high) that I am in awe.


A statue of Mary on top of her chapel.



A very tired chat asleep along the steps heading down from the chapel.



A storm is rolling in. It is still about 80 degrees at dinner time. We sat out on the terrace and had a great meal as the storm rolled in. Fun to watch. Hours of lightening & thunder but no rain.
Lovely evening....



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  1. the pictures of that city are just too beautiful for words! it looks like you two are having just the most amazing time, and I couldn't be happier for you both!! so much love to you!! can't wait to hear about everything when you return!


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