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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Pont-Aven, Quimper, Concarneau


Awoke this morning to Pont-Aven's Market Day right outside our bedroom window! Although we woke about 5 am with cars being towed and again at 6 when vendors began their setting up, it was still fun to see the hustle & bustle of local life.


If you can see the steps behind the vendor, there is a river there which is beautiful. I could of sat all day long and watched the boats go up & down the river and the people interacting in the market place!



But no, we enjoyed the market, purchased a crepe & quiche for breakfast then headed to the town of Quimper about 30 minutes away.


Here is a photo of a woman in typical Breton clothes & hat. Notice how Jim is just as tall as her with her very tall hat on. She was very insistent on holding her apron out for photos.


We had a lovely crepe for lunch, which was so yummy but then we shared a dessert crepe with apples, caramel and vanilla ice cream. The warm butter & sliced apples mixed beautifully. If ever I am reported missing, you know where you could find me!


It was so hot in Quimper that we decided to head to the coast to Concarneau.


To the coastal town of Concarneau and the walled island within their port.



I was exhausted after a day of walking in the heat but Mr. B sat me inside the walls, in the shade, listening to a Celtic band play lovely-lively music, while he set out to find me a Diet Coke to rejuvenate me! What a guy! I wish I could send you a clip of their music but that's just too complicated for my brain.



Tomorrow we head to the Loire Valley.


Ooo oh la la!




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