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Monday, September 29, 2014


Paris is always amazing!


Last Tuesday we dropped our car in Avignon and took the TGV into the Gare de Lyon.



Then checked into our favorite little hotel that feels like an oasis when the hustle & bustle of Paris feels overwhelming.


We went to the Cluny Museum and saw the "Heads of the Kings of Judah" which were discovered buried on a farm in the 1970's.



......St. Sulpice which was made famous for Dan Brown in his book "The DaVinci Code" with the meridian line running through the church.....


"The meridian line is a fascinating astronomical instrument of the 18th century, used to study the planets and determine the date of Easter each year. The sun's rays enter the church through a small opening in the south transept and rest on the line at various points throughout the year. On the winter solstice, the rays hit the obelisk; on the spring and autumn equinoxes, the bronze table. The obelisk bears a Latin inscription that doesn't quote Job, but describes the use of the meridian line. "





....enjoying one of my favorite places The Luxenbourg Gardens...





.....and the Pétanque guys.....right next door to the sweet crepe maker....



.......great food, wine, cheese, desserts and art......always!





We enjoyed the Marche Raspail........ well as the Marche aux Puces - the famous Paris Flea Market



Rode the Metro and climbed a lot of stairs...a whole lot!!!


In fact my thighs should be rock hard by now......if I didn't enjoy that wonderful French cheese so much!







And Mr. B trying to look casual while they were doing a fashion shoot right behind him in the beautiful glow of the late afternoon light on the steps of Sacre Coeur.



Au revoir Par-eee.....until next time!




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