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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Over the Ocean

Day 1


We arrived in France this morning after a smooth 11 hour flight. One of the reasons I wasn't in a total "deer in the headlights" fear about flying is because we had enough miles to fly First Class.



See that little button on the far right? The one that looks like a bed? Well my seat actually slid down flat into a cozy little bed. I had my own TV with plenty of movies to keep me happy! And of course, the wine was flowing!




We enjoyed a 5 course dinner that started with prosciutto and melon.


They even served the traditional French cheese platter after dinner. Mmmmm!


Arriving at Charles de Gaulle airport about 11 am, left us plenty of time to to Rouen for sightseeing & lunch and then onto our home base of Honfleur.


Or so we thought.....


After 3 hours at the car rental place, standing in line, we were finally exhausted. We found our car and were on the route towards Paris but being careful to go NW before hitting Paris. Oops!


We had pulled over to look at our maps when some very friendly cops pulled along side of us to inquire as to what the heck we were doing. Mr. B explained in a French-English combo that we were lost. They pointed us in the right direction and were off. We chose to get on the wrong freeway once again which dumped us in Par-ee!


Now Mr. B can wear the T-shirt that says "I drove in Paris!"


We are all settled in our room at the Hotel l'Ecrin in Honfleur.



This is actually a view from our 3rd floor window. Our car is the cute little silver one......I hope we can find it tomorrow!


Bon Nuite!


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