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Friday, September 12, 2014

Goats and Bats!

This morning I learned the proper way to eat goat cheese for breakfast in Chinon.



Pour on a little local honey and crack a few walnuts on top. Voila!




Mr. B had alternative plans....Chinon or not....he is attempting to taste his way through every jam produced in this region.




The resident cat, Booby, meowing at my feet for a little petting & a little food.



Leaving the Loire, we headed to the Perigoid on little two lane roads. This happens to be a wide road in the photo but I just love the long rows of plane trees!



We stopped at several churches and several castles. I seem to be on a Joan of Arc route lately. One castle we just happened upon was where Joan of Arc stopped to asked for War Horses, which she was granted.



Bon nuit!


PS: a gargantuan bat just flew into our room as we were getting ready for sleep. Mr. B shooed him out with a bath towel after about five minutes! Time to lock our terrace more of that fresh air for us!




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  1. mmmm OMG that GOAT CHEESE! I think you and I have a breakfast date in our future when you return, my dear! yum yum!!


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