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Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Fab Four

Song - In My Life by The Beatles

This Thursday night, I am heading to Candlestick Park for a Paul McCartney concert with my bud Jill who gave me a ticket for my birthday in June.

She and I were both there in 1966 for the Beatles final concert (although no one but a few insiders knew it was to be their last one).  Jill & I didn't know each other at the time but none the less we were there!

Tickets went for $4.5o and $6.50, and the Beatles played for about 33 minutes.

You know the girls that screamed?  Well I was a crier.  I cried for the entire concert.

I still have my Beatle wig, Beatle scarf and Beatle cards.

I remember my grandparents buying me my first Beatle album at Sam's. I'm hoping that I still have that boxed away somewhere!

Right now Jill and I are trying to come up with outfits from the 60's to wear to the concert.  Never a dull moment with that girl!

Now if I can just remember where I left my Go-Go boots!!!

"And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." -- The Beatles

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  1. This brings back memories!! I attended the Beatles concert at the Milwaukee Arena in the summer of '66. I went with my sister and I still can feel the electricity in the air. I was 21 and not a screamer or cryer so I was fully conscious of how little it would take for the mob of wild screaming girls to break through the police lines and storm the Beatles. This was a smaller venue than Candlestick. It's amazing that they toured Milwaukee. Lucky me and luck you to be going Thursday.


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