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Friday, June 6, 2014

Back in Paradise

For those of you that know me well, my home away from home is Lake Tahoe.  It is were I go to relax and rejuvenate!  It is a magical place for me and I dream about this special place weekly.

Upon arrival, I am greeted by a sweet little bear.  Must be the "year of the bear" for me!

Driving up the Forest Service road to the cabin, I delight in seeing this sign.

Because that is what I feel like when I am in the mountains!

And right next to the sign I see 8-10 rocks piled in a Zen like formation.


I unload the car and get the cabin all set up then head to the beach.  Still some snow on Mt. Tallac.

At the local bulletin board I check the annual bear sighting report.  There is one in the area....mmmm....

Glad Mr. B is joining me tonight!

There is a momma bird sitting on her nest right next to the deck.  Yesterday I was painting in that corner of the deck and she kept her eye on me the whole time.  Today I will set up farther away so as not to make her too anxious.

Mika likes to lay in the cool shady wildflowers and watch me paint.

Mr. B and I headed to the beach at stateline for breakfast yesterday and this was our view.

I'm in love....again!

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  1. How sweet it is! (no pun intended)
    (From Taya's side-kick, md potluck.)


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