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"Figuring out our gifts in life is part of our journey to becoming enlightened human beings.” – Allison DuBois

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


The Calm Waves at Lake Tahoe

 On May 14th, a wonderful family friend, Ray was seriously injured in a Motocross bike accident. Ray is one of those guys who is a friend to all and has a great heart.  He has a very close family and right now they need some help.

 Photo: Be there or be square!

If you can, please help out Ray and his family by clicking below to read his full story and make a donation of any amount.

Thank you so much in advance!  --Jeanette

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Close to the Curl

Song - Miserlou by Dick Dale & the Deltones

Mr. B and I headed to Santa Cruz over the long weekend with our two doggies.  We had some work to do on the cabin and we both needed some time to relax.

I even got some painting in!

We took long walks on the beach and collected little shots of nature and people out having fun.  Well, I did the "little shots" while Mr B pretended to pose for me so I could get some good shots of people behind him being "natural".

He also held little critters for me to take pictures of.  Actually, he is a handy little photo assistant!

This is a live Sand Dollar with a Barnacle attached to it.  Poor thing.....  Mr. B wanted to do surgery but I suggested we just throw it back into the water.

We came across all kinds of good finds....shells, jellyfish, crab shells, beautiful kites, Sand Dabs, Pelican's flying in formation, etc.

But the best find was a Longboard Surfing Competition at Steamer Lane!

When we were there, it was the "Grand Masters" heat.  That meant old guys over 60!

Here is the crowd watching the competition out near the lighthouse.

I'm not sure about the point system but apparently you get points for:

    • Nose riding, trimming and stalling;
    • Walking the board;
    • Standard and crouching island pullouts;
    • Bottom turns – full rail or from tail;
    • Cut backs – drop knee or wide stance / sit down style;
    • Top turn or re-entry.

Then this green guy came along and did this......

And this......

 Then he had to get back up again.....

The closer you are to the curl of the wave, the more points.

Then you needed to dismount gracefully..........mmm.....not like this guy!


“Out of water, I am nothing” --Duke Kahanamoku

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