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Friday, February 1, 2013

Take a Peek Outside

Song - I Dream of Spring - KD Lang

It is only February 2
and generally my garden
still looks like winter
but after a few days of sunshine,
nature is beginning
to awaken.

The Garden in Winter today.....but look closer...

Our Tulip tree

You must get close, very close to see the small changes going on.

The Climbing Hydrangea is beginning to bud

As is the White Lilac

A Dogwood bud

I like to put my Macro lens on my camera when I stroll around my yard. It forces me to pay close attention to the little details.

Usually the Quince is one of the first signs of Spring

Or the Snow Drops

And the Forsythia


The Grape Hyacinth surrounds my garden with little purple & blue suprises


An old Hellebore hiding under a fern in my shade garden


I love the scent of Narcissus - don't you?

The Daffodils will be out soon

Around the corner, in the bright morning sun, 
I smell something beautiful and I see my Daphne plant is in full bloom

Under planted with little sweet Pansy's

The Strawberry Madrone is beginning to bloom
And a little Sea Foam rose made an appearance today

Looking at the first photo of my Winter garden today, would you ever expect so much was going on?

"A single rose can be my garden, a single friend, my world." ~ Leo Buscaglia

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