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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Where Have I Been?

Mr. B and I have been at our family cabin in Tahoe for almost 4 weeks. The cabin is very much out of cell range, which is both good & bad.

In some ways it is nice to drop out of the everyday email, texting, TV, newspaper world and relax, play cards, visit, read & hike. But on the other hand.....YOU ARE OUT OF TOUCH! The world maybe on fire and you're blissfully unaware!

We arrived home on Thursday night, unpacked and early Friday morning I began to get back into the rhythm of things. Six loads of bills...check...water plants, clean refrigerator, check emails....check and double check....and oh yeah repack!

You see I made arrangements to attend a Carole Marine workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico almost a year ago.

Check her out -

After deposits, car rentals, flight reservations, etc., I discovered the Tahoe cabin was available for the month of September! I really needed to do both. Right?

This morning Mr. B drove me to the airport and after a Gin & tonic for breakfast, I flew into Albuquerque ( by myself - which is huge for those of you who know me) and rented a car for the one hour drive to Santa Fe.

The breakfast of champions or those who are afraid to fly...

Well hold onto your pants!

I made a four hour drive up to Colorado to do some Family Tree investigation. However, much to my dismay I arrived here about 6 pm and drove though so many lightening storms it was amazing

and tomorrow is Sunday so most everything will be closed. I will also need to return to Santa Fe by 4 pm (leaving here by noon ) for a welcoming workshop get together.

My mother and both of my grandparents were born in Starkville & Trinidad, Colorado. My grandfather was a coal miner as we're his brother and father but his parents purchased a dairy farm to try to get away from coal mining.

I am so happy that they eventually moved to California! I tried to buy a bottle of wine today but apparently you need to go to a state operated liquor store. I thought that was in Canada?

At the restaurant tonight, I was talking to the bartender who had hard liquor and an amazing array of beer but just BOX wine. When I questioned him about that, he replied that most of their customers are truck drivers, coal miners, and hard working men that are not really interested in "wine"......well, I reminded him....well never mind. I am just glad I'm living in California!

I will be staying at a convent in Santa Fe and pray they have wifi so I can fill you in on the glorious details of New Mexico!

Laters - J

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