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"Figuring out our gifts in life is part of our journey to becoming enlightened human beings.” – Allison DuBois

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Roses Have Arrived

Song - Romanza by Andrea Bocelli

Love this one's name - "Playgirl"

Oh my goodness 
but my garden is just a riot of color right now! 

We had a few days in the eighties last week and everything exploded.  The Roses are just amazing and with their first bloom they always have a little more color.  But as the summer wears on, they tend to fade (like me!).

I would like you to meet my garden.......and if you are ever in the area, please stop by and say "hello".

"Sombrueuil" growing along the stairs

"Golden Celebration" (I think)

"Double Delight" - My Grandfather's favorite

Even the shade garden is blooming.  Don't you just love white and green?  To me it is so soothing.

A flat of Zinnia's waiting to be planted.  Unfortunately I bought them just as the heat wave hit and I lost a couple.  But MOM I have be watering them twice a day!!!

 The Bearded Iris are still putting on quite a show.  I was talking with a friend in Painting Class today and we both agreed that for what ever reason, the Iris are spectacular this year

"French Lace" one of my favorites!

The Sweet Pea's are happy as well.

L D Braithwaite

 I wish blog's had a "scratch & sniff" so you could smell this sweet Lilac!

"Sally Holmes Climber"

"Sharifa Asma"

"John F. Kennedy"

And the Dogwood trees...... ahhhhh......

Thanks for visiting!

"There is more to life than simply increasing its speed."    --Mahatma Gandhi

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Guess Who Was in Town?

Song - Dancing in the Dark

B - R - U - U - U - C - E

The Boss was in San Jose Tuesday night with The E Street Band and yours truly was there too!

Not only did Bruce play a 3 hour set with a mix of old and new songs but he seemed to enjoy engaging the crowd.  At one point he had a little boy upstage singing with him and then Bruce sprayed something on both of their pants so that they could do the stage sliding thing on their knees.  Near the end of the concert he asked a 10 year old girl to dance with when he played "Dancing in the Dark". So awkward and sweet.

But my favorite part was when they were playing some soul music and Bruce walked through the crowds, climbed up on a platform in the middle of the group and fell backwards.  Glad people caught him!  Then while he lay on his back the crowd slowly moved him, over their heads, back to the stage.

Very fun and we had incredible seats.  Just 2 rows up from the floor.

Unfortunately I just had my iPhone to take photos with but it is amazing how just light and dark describes the form.  And you can tell it is indeed Bruce Springsteen.

 Thanks for the great music Bruuuce!

"I always wanted my music to influence the life you were living emotionally - with your family, your lover, your wife, and, at a certain point, with your children." -- Bruce Springsteen

Monday, April 23, 2012 for Escape

I have been preparing for a new show at the Lafayette Gallery. It is a small group show that consists of 5 artists.  The theme is "e is for escape".  Meaning that we escape through many things but as artists we mainly escape through our artwork.  I escape though gardening, reading, blogging, travel, music, enjoying nature as well as my artwork.  The show will run May 15 - June 3.  What's your escape?  Coffee perhaps?

The Barista - by Jeanette Baird

“A painting is never finished – it simply stops in interesting places.” – Paul Gardner

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Dave - 

A Swallowtail
came into my garden today
it fluttered around 
the Rosemary blossoms.  

It always makes me think of you.......
I laugh a little......
and remember,
that you are still near me, 



A Symbol of Hope

A Symbol of Hope
A butterfly lights beside us like a sunbeam
And for a brief moment its glory
and beauty belong to our world
But then it flies again
And though we wish it could have stayed...
We feel lucky to have seen it.

I am so grateful that you were in my life, even if it was for too short a time but who am I to say.  Your soul had other plans.  

You brought so much adventure, laughter, mischief,  joy and love to all you touched.  

I miss you.

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