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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Colors of Arizona

Glad to be home but missing those glorious colors in Arizona....

 "You know you live in Phoenix when the four seasons are:  tolerable, hot, really hot, and are you freakin' kidding me?!"  ~Author Unknown

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Game 2

Watched Bumgarner pitch...

.....and Schierholtz hit.....

....and the hot dogs run!

Giants & Brewers tied 1 to 1......

And oh yeah, most important.....The Polish won!

However, before going to the game we had Brunch at AZ88 along the Scottsdale park. There was an art fair & concert going on so it was fun to people watch and there was some great music going on.


Are you ready for this?

I ordered a Summer Solstice Martini......incredible, absolutely my new most favorite drink! Also, did you see the dinky little Diet Cokes served here? Although I have to say that they keep them coming!!!

... On The Summer Solstice ...
"Whatever is dreamed on this night, will come to pass."

William Shakespeare - Acknowledging the Magic of This Time
A Mid-Summernight's Dream


Game Day

Another beautiful & warm day in Arizona. Mr. B and I enjoyed a breakfast of Huveros Rancheros outside at our hotel patio.

Then we walked over to the game. We had a little extra time so Mr. B went shopping for a new blazer & pants in the new Giant's argyle style. I had to pull him out the door before......well...before he made a real fashion faux pas!

The ump's are getting ready.

Timmy is warming up on the mound.

Panda is all set blowing bubbles, jumping up and down, and getting in his "ready position"......

The new recruits are all anxiously awaiting a turn to play.

And the beer guy is trying to keep up with the warm day & high demand.

But we lost to the Diamondback's......Oh well, that's what Spring Training is all about. Having fun and working out the kinks!


Jon Miller

We went to a cocktail party at our hotel for Giant season ticket holders and some of the players were there as well as "The Voice of the San Francisco Giants" - Mr. Jon Miller.

Mr. B couldn't wait to talk with him!

"Three and two to Bonds. Everybody standing here at 24 Willie Mays Plaza. An armada of nautical craft gathered in McCovey Cove beyond the right field wall. Bonds one home run away from history. (crack of the bat) AND HE SWINGS, AND THERE'S A LONG ONE DEEP INTO RIGHT CENTER FIELD, WAY BACK THERE, IT'S GONE!!! A HOME RUN! Into the center field bleachers to the left of the 421 foot marker. An extraordinary shot to the deepest part of the yard! And Barry Bonds with 756 home runs, he has hit more home runs than anyone who has ever played the game!" - Jon Miller 2007


Jon Miller 2

Personally I like this one better. Mr. B has actually found someone who can give him a run for his money in the "speaking" department!!!


Matt Cain

Guess who is as sweet as can be?


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