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Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Holiday Treat for the Ladies

Song - Shopping Clothes by The Coasters

Ladies - After a long day of Christmas shopping, stop by a little Herbal Cosmetic shop located in Walnut Creek between Nordstrom's and Macy's.

There will be a young gentleman outside asking you if you would like a free sample.

That's the ploy.....don't fall for it......

I repeat "Do NOT fall for it !"

Once you get one sample, he suggests you enter his studio.  Then he has you hooked!

Because as soon as this gorgeous man starts rubbing lotions and potions on you while looking deeply into your eyes, you are a goner.

You will buy anything in his lovely little shop.

The real clincher is that you may have a free 45 minute facial with this young man.

I have one for tomorrow which I am canceling.  Otherwise Mr. B will have to mortgage the house!

If any of you do go by and can resist his sales technique by just walking (or running) away with the "free sample", please let me know.

I will admire your strong sales resistance!!!!

As I walked away with my hip little bag of goodies, I had a good laugh for the rest of the day as to how gullible I am.  And I kept looking into shop windows to see if I actually had SUCKER stamped onto my forehead!  Don't you just love a good laugh during this busy season?  Even at my expense?  Somehow it relieves the stress of it all.....

I'm just saying....beware in downtown WC!

"Salesmanship, too, is an art; the perfection of its technique requires study and practice." --James Cash Penny 

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  1. It's a good thing that I hate shopping. Nobody ever lures me into a cosmetic shop when I'm browsing Amazon!


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